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About Nargil66

I'm 37 years old, I live in Bulgaria and have the pleasure to make mods for my favorite game - Titan Quest. All the mod projects you will see here are related to it.

I graduated university for fine arts in my country, but my real passion has always been to create fantasy worlds with words and images. When I found modding, it was a dream come true - to shape a small living world, step by step, is a real inspiration.

Another passion of mine is reading legends and myths - I'm doing it since childhood. My favorite mythologies are the Greek, Slavic and Norse, so when Titan Quest came out, I instantly became a fan. There is great beauty in the tales of gods and heroes, reminding us of the hidden magic in the world.

I'm really addicted to mythology, and Titan Quest captures much of the spirit of ancient myths. But for me only capturing is not enough - I want to make it really vivid, so when I play, to feel that I'm living in a myth. My big dream in modding is to create a beautiful, immersive and mythologicaly authentic mod, which also gives good challenge to the players.

I work on many projects at the same time. While resting from one thing, i'm doing something else. But all the projects I'm working on are like pieces of a puzzle - parts of the bigger idea. Titan Quest is a huge world and there is so much in it that  can be added, changed or improved - models, textures, animations, effects, music, menus, game balance, skills, quality of life... And all this will be included in the final mod somehow.

Immersion will come after - that is one of my main goals. And If I succeed in it, when people play, they will live and breathe Greek mythology. One of the most important things is the visual part - without it, immersion is impossible. The good thing is I already have some of the necessary knowledge. Modding is different from painting, but the main aesthetic rules apply in both. 

Here is a list of projects I have worked on in the last 3 years:


1. Deities Mod 
Deities has always been my big dream in modding. At its core it is planned as a Mastery mod, based on the Olympian pantheon of gods, each coming with their own unique set of skills, pets and visuals. You can see some early previews here:

2. Enhanced Gameplay
A "quality of of life" mod, offering fixes, improvements and new features to the vanilla game:

3. NewSkins Mod (featured in Enhanced Gameplay, Shadow Champions and Soulvizier)
A big cosmetic mod, changing the looks of the player characters, with new outfits, hair customization options, new animations and more! You can follow the development here:

4. TitanCraft Mod (early in development)
This is an old idea of mine - to turn Titan Quest into a crafting-survival game, where the players will have to eat, craft, harvest materials and use their wits to survive in a harsh, unforgiving world. There will be no overpowered item drops that can make your life easier, no cheap potions that you can spam in battle... and you have to craft everything yourself! I havent had the time to work on it lately, but you can see the development thread here:

5. Expanded World (early in development)
This is planned as a total conversion mod as an addition to Deities Masteries. It would change or add new monsters, items, difficulty settings, and make things more accurate and immersive.
The mod consists just from text files at the moment, but you can see the early drafts here:

(old and new, in no particular order)

1. Bulgarian Localization (99% complete)
I like when the games i play support my language, thats why i decided to translate Titan Quest.
You can see the current progress here:

2. Multi-Class Mastery Mod
A mod that allows you to learn skills from more than two Masteries. You can see it here:

3. Horse Rider Mod (Pre-Atlantis)
A mod that lets you fight from a horseback. See it here:

4. Dionysian Rider Mod (Pre-Atlantis)
Turns the famale character into a mounted maenad (nymph). See it here:

5. Egyptian Chariot
Lets your character drive a chariot. More of a fun mod than actually playable:

6. Battle Nymphs Mod
Turns the female character into a nymph. See it here:
Older version on Steam:

7. Wild Cats
Turns the female character into a catwoman (vanilla maenad). See it here:

8. Hair Reskins (Pre-Atlantis)
Changes the female character's hair to redhead/blonde or removes it completely.

9. Adult Mods
Some mods that contain female nudity. You can see them here (have to confirm your age first):

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