Naseem Jamnia is creating novels that center marginalized voices

The Walker

$1 /mo
Dying for fresh meat? The Walker gets fed on the exclusive Patron-only feed, including day-in-the-life rambles not found in the 

The Companion

$2 /mo
Everyone knows the Doctor is useless without them. The Companion has the important role of topic suggestions for monthly 

The Immigrant

$3 /mo
Immigrants get the job done. The Immigrant will get a monthly, original piece of flash fiction or nonfiction. Immigrants also get access to the

The King of Games

$5 /mo
The biggest goal of life is being the best at a children's card game. The King of Games gets access to my Patreon-exclusive Discord server, where we talk about ANY...

The State Alchemist

$7 /mo
You may be a dog of the military, but your real dream is to find the Philosopher's Stone, return your brother to his body, stop the genocide of your nation, catch a mass murderer, play tour guide t...

The Slayer

$10 /mo
Into every generation, a slayer is born. The Slayer cuts their teeth on acknowledgment in printed works (when possible), copies of submitted pieces

The Chosen One

$25 /mo
Whether you're just trying to pass Potions or out looking for Horcruxes, every hero needs their story told. The Chosen One gets a handmade book by yours truly. The...