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Oh hey!

My name is Anastasia Schlechtleitner (aka Nasti Weather). For most of my life it felt more like my role in life was to support Artists (primarily musicians), and I loved doing it. It was only about 5 years ago that I found that I was much more of an Artist myself than I was ever prepared to claim before. I had always been a private poet that had dreams of music and dramatic visuals to go along with the words but only in this recent years began uncovering how attainable these dreams could be. I spent a few years playing in other bands before the inception of Nasti Weather in the Fall of 2017.

The basis of the songs I write exist as a journey into the deepest darkest parts of ourselves and coming out on the other side laughing, of the exquisite pain and untouchable joy of being, through our notions of "bad", good" and "mundane", and accepting it all, even our struggle to do so. Of course, this is written through the telling of my own life, maintaining a constant curiosity about the scope of my own perspective but never questioning the validity of my experience.

In the past year the project has consumed me in a way that I love, enveloping many other collaborators along the way. Gaining traction and outgrowing what I thought I had space for, it has become abundantly clear to me that the dreams I've always held can be made. I will be building what is currently a band into full theatrical productions featuring other kinds of performing artists (Oh, do I ever dream of dancers.) and dramatic visuals. I switched careers in 2017 to work as a stagehand in theatres to hone my understanding of the work that goes into making this kind magic happen so that I can develop these productions. I am, however, unable to work due to an injury that will keep me from this work for an undetermined amount of time at this point. Anyways, these are future dreams.

Any support received through this platform will go to laying a sustainable foundation for the dream to be built upon by applying for as many grants as possible collectively these funds will go to the following projects in 2019:
-Finishing our full length album
-Creating a music video to showcase the music and showcase the kind of theatrical productions I would like to create
-Building our own lighting structures and set decorations for performances
-Make more merchandise to help the project accrue more organic income
-Booking a Canada Wide Tour

So you can see, there's a lot of big stuff to come and it can't happen without the outside support we are so blessed to have in our modern creative communities!

If you'd like to learn more about Nasti Weather please check out the website:

Special thanks to Scott Bell Visuals for making this video!!
You can check out more of their work at
We're hoping to obtain funding so that we can work on that music video in the new year together ;)

Infinite thanks to those of you out there supporting artists, even if it's not this one, it is so incredibly meaningful, you're helping to make the world a more magical place. <3


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Everyone gets a sicker and everyone gets a print of one of my photographs of their choosing (instagram @anabeaudanna , for a sample but you'll have access to a larger gallery)
-5x7 for The Calm before the storm
-8x10 for Trade Winds
-11x14 for the Tenpest
- 2 11x14's for Category (twenty)5
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