Natalia Natchan is creating Music and Vlogging in Tokyo!

Be part of my next youtube video!

$1 /creation
  • I will be giving a couple ideas for my next youtube video, and you will have the chance to vote and tell me your thoughts!
  • You will also have access to all of my exclusive patreon content!

Free Music and Personal Photograph

$5 /creation
  • I will give you exclusive mp3 downloads of my songs that I currently have uploaded on soundcloud/youtube
  • I will also take a selfie holding a sign with your name on it!
  • Plus all previous rewards

Access to my PRIVATE livestream

$10 /creation
  • Monthly patron-only livestream, where I will answer any questions, and talk about my life in Japan!
  • Plus all previous rewards

Exclusive vlog and promotion of your instagram!

$20 /creation
  • Exclusive english vlog only available to my patrons!
  • A shoutout to you + links to your instagram/youtube in the end of my next video!
  • Plus all previous rewards

A special gift from Japan!

$25 /creation
  • A special postcard from Japan, all the way to you! (+cute stickers and/or a special polaroid photo) 
  • Plus all previous rewards

More presents, just for you!

$50 /creation
  • Personalised video to THANK YOU for your support! 
  • a chance to win a small packet of Japanese snacks OR beauty goods 
  • Plus all previous rewards

Your favorite song and a look into my personal life!

$100 /creation
  • You choose the next song I will be covering on youtube, and then receive the .mp3 file 
  • Silly videos of me here and there
  • I will follow you on instagram/snapchat/twitter
  • Plus all previous rewards