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About Natalie Hartel

Hello! Welcome to my Patreon! My name is Natalie and I'm here to share my love for illustration, writing, and fantasy. In my art, I work primarily with ink, watercolor, and Photoshop.

I've been in love with art and fantasy since I was super little. My multitude of hobbies and some special pieces of inspiration have given me the idea to combine my two main interests (painting and reading) into a project that combines both: illustrated novels. Books that are equal parts picture and text. Books that utilize the power of images to express character, emotion, and environment, adding text to give life to things that the pictures cannot, such as dialogue and subjective description.
As a person that will not settle for artistic work of lesser qualities, I know that these novels will be many years in the making━and that's where you come in! Your support here not only boosts my confidence but helps to make each of these novels a reality. 

My first project will be an illustrated remodeling and retelling of "The Adventures of Ciad, Son of the King of Norway." You can read the original here, but my version differs greatly from the original. I've updated it to fit the criteria that us modern people expect from literary fantasy tales. 

You get to decide how much you support my efforts! The tiers are guidelines, but when you become a patron, you are welcome to pay as much as you'd like. The perks that come with each tier are listed in the Tiers section, and the higher tier you support me at, the more perks you'll receive!

Lastly, I'd like to thank you all for the support you're giving me. Here's to the future!


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