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I am a fulltime musician. Also, I'm the lead singer of Pomplamoose. Also, I have a cat named Mr. Pants and I enjoy cooking in my spare time.


San Francisco, CA, USA

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"Demos, those frail winged creatures: they are the stuff albums are made of." - Probably not Shakespeare
TO THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE MY MUSIC: I've been writing a lot recently. If you're a fan of my music and you just can't get enough of it, this is a way for you to hear my songs as they're being created. Only my patrons will have access to these demos. However, I'll also be releasing other non-exclusive content (like covers) which will be posted on YouTube. Please - for goodness sake - do not feel obliged to give me anything in exchange for my songs. I will continue to create music and videos whether or not you become a patron! So seriously...don't worry about it if you can't or don't want to pledge. If you do want to, I am extremely grateful. But either way, I'm grateful to have you as a fan.
WHY DEMOS? The demos I'm offering you are the unpolished, raw materials that will be the basis for my next album. My hope is that sharing these demos will help me be a more prolific and focused writer. That I will be able to finish many of the songs that would have otherwise been forgotten or set aside. And that in the end, I will have a better idea of which songs to include on the album, based on your insight and constructive feedback.
WHY COVERS? There are a lot of great songs out there. Songs worth playing and revisiting over and over again (or just songs that have lots of views on YouTube). However you choose to "rationalize" it with your "rationality", I believe that covering songs is a great way to improve as an artist while also acquiring new fans. (People who don't know who I am don't know to search for me on YouTube.) While covers aren't my main focus, I enjoy recording them from time to time, and I'm always open to suggestions!
HOW OFTEN? I would like to be releasing two songs every month, and a cooking video every so often. I'd love it to be more than that, but the truth is I just can't churn out material that fast. Especially since I'm also working on Pomplamoose right now (the band I'm in with Jack Conte). We'll be releasing an album in March, and we ALSO have a Patreon page.
ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? Why yes, thank you for asking! Patreon is a pretty new platform, and I'm still figuring out the best way to use it. If I do end up making changes to stuff, I'll be sure to consult my patrons first. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support. Seriously - you guys are incredible, and I'm so so honored to have you as fans.
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