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The Seeker

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The seeker is for those who want to do a little bit of extra work around their awakening journey and embody the knowledge with practices and worksheets.
Learning is amazing but embodying the work is really a huge part of awakening your true human potential. It is one thing to learn the knowledge, but embodying it is the 'real' spiritual work.
The seeker will have a body, mind, spirit experience and raise their vibration to their next level while they work towards their path of deep self discovery through knowledge and experience.

Awakening to deeper universal truths and laws how to live true spirituality in every thing that you do, see, experience. These classes are uncensored and will shake your perceptions on your existing knowledge of these topics. There is a no BS approach and the aim is to wake your human potential up to be a magnificent co-creator of this universe, as you were designed to. The Awakener will be able to listen to different perspectives on all topics listed below, enhancing their perception on life, self and the world.

Content included will be:

- Deeper connection to self
- How to manifest for real + tools & tips
- Have harmonious relationships
- How to forgive and lean into unconditional love
- How to prepare yourself for what is coming next
- Emotional alchemy
- How to stand in your truth
- 5th dimensional living
- Connection to your guides and intuition
- Uncover your purpose
- Find your inner peace
- Learn about conscious money
- Conscious health and weight loss
- Conscious business

What is included in this tier?

- Classes
- Worksheets & exercises
- Meditations/Activations/Online Circles

  • All classes
  • Meditations & Activations
  • Worksheets & Exercises
  • General support

The Alchemist

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The Alchemist is for those who are a true deep seeker and learner of all things on how to become their truly greatest version physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
The Alchemist is one who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. These are the ones who desire to fully understand and practice self alchemy.
The Alchemist will have a high vibration, deep knowledge of the universe and self and a high connection to other dimensions and other realms on their quest to self understanding. We are such powerful and creative beings and most people do not understand what this means to be fully connected.
In this tier you will have an amazing opportunity to dive deep and fully awaken to the universal truths and preparation, deep self knowledge and know how to amplify your connection to your guides and source energy. The Alchemist knows how to create their reality through curated experiences to live in their full sovereign human BE-ing power. 

What is included in this tier?

- All classes
- Meditations/Activations/Online Circles
- Worksheets & Exercises
- Channeled messages for collective
- Online circles
- Hot seat questions & Live Q&A
- Bonus sessions
  • General support
  • Meditations & Activations
  • Worksheets & Exercises
  • Bonus Sessions
  • Live Q&A
  • Channeled messages




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About Natasha Black

Hello Awakeners,

This platform is an uncensored place where we talk about all things to do with spiritual and humans awakening to their full potential.

My sharings are from personal experience and learning the deep wisdom of ancient times, universal laws and channeling from other dimensions.

Join me in whichever tier suits your journey the most and come on this wild revolutionary ride of humanity by being in your full sovereign power as a co-conspirator with the universe.

Your support is so appreciated and goes towards more ways of getting this message out to those who are keen to awaken their soul for their own empowerment or to help others...

With love and gratitude,



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