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About Natasha Ence


I have three personal projects I am currently working on with passion and perseverance: Covencraft, a Twitch streaming channel, and slurry of micro role-playing games (RPGs). Each are described in more detail below, but all have in common my love and study of tabletop RPGs. If you support as a Patreon patron, you are not only supporting a budding, indie creator, but you are also supporting my unconventional education in game design.


Covencraft is my largest TTRPG design project that I'm currently working on. It features groups of magically gifted people fighting against the horrors of this world and the Wilder together via their individual crafts. At its core, the mechanics take inspiration from the Forged in the Dark, Powered by the Apocalypse, and Belonging Outside Belonging systems.


Recently, I started up a channel on Twitch. On the channel, I live-stream actual plays of games to show off wonderful RPGs and LARPs as well as run talk shows that look at game creation and Game Mastering. I intend to support other designers and artists and create a surrounding community of respect and engagement. There are ways that you, as an audience member, can engage in each of the streams.

Micro Role-playing Games and LARPs

While studying English and creative writing at university, I discovered flash-fiction, a distilled story often under 750 words. Each of these tiny pieces taught the fundamentals of writing and rhetorical analysis because limitation teaches and hi-lights what is most important.

I have this theory that a parallel can be drawn between the relationship of flash-fiction and novels to micro RPGs/ LARPs and bulky system books. By writing at least one micro RPG or LARP each month, I believe that I will learn a lot about game writing and design. And, hopefully, at the end of a year, I will be able to complete a book or zine of tiny games.

Storied Encounters (On Hiatus)

This continuing project started off as the acknowledgement of a missing piece in random encounter design in one of the world’s leading TTRPGs. With its roots in wargaming, there’s little wonder that the mechanics leaned towards most problems being solved with sword or force and random encounters being simply a randomly generated monsters. The concept I wanted to pursue was to create a series of events that could be dropped into any fantasy campaign (when a random encounter is called for) with a large part of them being solved through puzzles or diplomacy and all being strongly scaffolded by sensible, creative narrative.

Having almost a year now of this sort of design beneath my belt, I would like to begin to connect some of the random encounters together with a continuing story arc and a card deck to help the Game Master insert these encounters more smoothly into their campaign while still being chosen at random. Of course, any encounter can be used without the random element, being prepped as a small side venture for the player characters.

The ultimate goal is that--after I have created enough encounters as well as the card mechanic, woven them and the story, and put together everything in electronic format--I will be able to also create a hard copy for game play after further funding. It is my intention to work with the SRD5 (found here) while also keeping the stories and scenarios open enough to work in any fantasy driven RPG.

I want to (continue to) give the power of narrative to random encounters.


Since I have been working on the beginnings of this project for a while now, I thought I would show off one of my first and favorite encounters that I have created. Feel free to take it to your table to test!

How To Support and Get Involved

The easiest way for you to support what I am doing (and benefit yourself) is to subscribe to my Patreon at the level of your choice. However, if you don’t want a reward or a monthly subscription just isn’t for you, here are a couple other options (not all of which dip into your pockets):

  1. Like or follow me on one of my various social media accounts.
  2. Engage in my Twitch channel ( 
  3. Buy me a “coffee” on Ko-fi. (I don’t drink coffee, but your donation will be used to power me up in other ways).
  4. Sponsor me or donate something that I can give-away to my community.
  5. Donate supplies or games to me so I can learn, play with, or review them. I’d love to see the things you or others have conceived and brought to life!
  6. Recommend supplies or games that you adore!
  7. Go review another creator. Or review me on my website ( Reviews are often overlooked, but they are important; while reviewing another creator won’t necessarily do anything for me, it is a great way to support the community as a whole.
  8. Try a game that you’ve never heard of or just discovered. Take joy in that experience! Games deserve to be played and enjoyed. This will make the whole community better.
  9. Join my Discord server. While you can access my broad-reach community by liking and/ or following me on social media and Twitch, the best way to be steadily involved is to join my Discord server. To do so, you can either back this Patreon at the first level or you can get the link by watching one of my streams live on Twitch ( where a link can be requested in the comments.

Whatever you do, I am grateful!

More About the Creator

I like lists, so I’m gonna tell you about myself in list form!

  • My first RPG was Traveller, introduced to me by my father when I was about seven-years-old. He wanted to use it as a daddy-daughter activity, and because of that I look at RPGs as a beautiful way to bond with others.
  • I have always loved stories. Before becoming a Professional Game Master (yep, that’s a thing) I wanted to be a college English/ creative writing professor. I taught for a year during graduate school and so enjoyed it.
  • The reason I didn’t pursue teaching further is because of chronic illness. I have several which makes it difficult to hold a typical career. Being a Pro GM and game designer allows me to still tell beautiful stories and engage in what I adore while still giving me the flexibility I need. And, honestly, I don’t know that I would trade it for being an English professor even if things changed.
  • I have one of the goodest pupper bois. His name is Captain (Captain Tight Pants from Firefly) and he is a trained service dog.
  • Other than all that, I enjoy dice collecting, taking long baths, cooking, and napping. By the way, I make really good pasta dishes and mixed sodas.

Risks and Challenges

I like to be upfront about the fact that I have chronic illnesses. While on a whole my projects are very low risk (digital delivery, rock-solid contributing artists, etc) and I am on preventative medication, I can always get worse for a while and sick (more sick than the average person) and this might lead to me delivering a reward a little late, generally no more than a month. While this does pose a challenge (and sometimes, in turn, delays) I do always deliver! I am not only chronically ill--I am also chronically responsible!
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