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I write songs in two categories: performance and participation.  The bulk of my career consists of sharing theses songs in faith communities of the Jesus following type, but there's also plenty of time spent playing in coffee shops and bars.

I have found that churches, despite their best efforts, have a hard time keeping up with the legal side of paying the folks who write the songs they sing.  And it's no wonder.  There are so many (well intentioned?) middle folks controlling the publishing and licensing of the music that it becomes a real quagmire.  

I want to be part of a renewed way of creating music that cuts out the middle folks and creates a direct and sustainable connection between the songwriter and the listener/participant.

I want you to be my Patron.

By becoming a Patron of me, Nate Houge, you will share a few bucks (give or take) every time I create a new song for the public.  I'm estimating there will be two songs a month and usually one will be for group singing (a hymn/chant/psalm arrangement etc...) and one will be for Nate to sing at you.  

Two important things to keep in mind:

  • You can set a limit to how much you want to give each month (e.g. A dollar per song, but never more than $3 a month)
  • You can cancel at any point.  This is totally voluntary on your part.  If you're not digging it, get out!  It's that easy.

At some point these will be put out into the world for general consumption.  The songs written for group singing will be licensed under creative commons - allowing anybody to legally use them for free.  Why?  Because you, the Patron, have already paid for it.  You've cut through all the bureaucracy and set theses songs free. Literally.

And the 'performance' songs?  I'll hold on to the copyrights etc... and when I make my next album you'll get all kinds of love and credit and warm fuzzies and stuff.

Another thing I love about working this way:  You set me free. Free to write songs that challenge and take risk.  The kinds of songs that don't get writ in Nashville these days where (judging by 'Christian' radio) the motivation has less to do about faith and more to do with fortune.  We get to change that.

So Thank You.  For your support, for your trust, for being part of something new and hopeful and life giving. 

Also if you support me you'll probably go to Heaven.  Just joking.  But hey, why not play it safe?

$45 of $500 per Song
Here's the scoopty:  One of my hopes is that we'll get to a point where I can start giving your money to other people.  Like people that own studios.  And people that play other instruments.  And people that mix and master.  Once my pledges hit $500 a song I'll be moving my one man recording industry into the hands of trusted local talent.  It'll let me write more songs and do a lot less mic set up.  Plus it'll support a broader swath of the indie music world.  Give a buck or three or fifty and let's make it happen!

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