Nate Maingard is creating music, podcasts, videos and open hearts

Seedling Nateive

$1 /mo
Oh you sweet little seedling, thank you for being here!
  • Download official albums
  • Join the Secret -and friendly- Nateives Online Community

Sprout Nateive

$3 /mo
Sprout Nateives get to enjoy ALL the unreleased, home-recorded music and make your voice her by voting in Patron-only polls!
  • Download over 20 unreleased songs and get new songs as ...

Sapling Nateive

$5 /mo
Sapling Nateives help me make important decisions, you're on the board!
  • Personal video welcome from me!
  • Access my secret journal
  • 15% off Heart Songs, Music & Merch
  • All previous rewards.

Pine Tree Nateive

$10 /mo
Pine Tree Nateives get a personal greeting from me and invitations to the private monthly livestream!
  • Personal video greeting
  • Monthly Q&A livestream!
  • All previous rewards

Redwood Nateive

$15 /mo
You'll be publicly recognised and thanked for making my creations possible!
  • Your name in the credits of my music, videos, etc
  • Plus all previous rewards

Baobab Nateive

$25 /mo
  • Hand-written postcards from my travels around the world!
  • All previous perks.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Nateive

$50 /mo
  • Hand-written, signed lyrics of an original song
  • All previous perks.

Giant Sequoia Nateive

$100 /mo
  • Signed physical copies of all my current albums (The Wild Land, Home, In The Shadows and patron-only It's The Little Things).
  • All previous perks.