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Patron of my Coffee

$2 /mo
 A coffee, thank you!! It just so happens that I have one addiction and it's coffee so your contribution makes a huge difference, without coffee, the only thing I can seem to produce is headache.

Patron of my Stomach

$5 /mo
The stomach in me says thank you to the stomach in you! And eating still matters. A lot. At least until Elon Musk finds out how to change that. In vegetables we trust!



Patron of my Roof

$10 /mo
A Netflix membership! Ok yes, I have a smaller catalogue than Netflix, but thanks to you I'll stay protected from the rain to keep on building my catalogue. ONWARD!!



Patron of my Arts

$20 /mo
That's a BIG! Ok, full disclosure, I will not wait to have patrons at this tier to create, but your support at this tier will help me buy art supplies, hard drives and possibly a computer one day w...

Patron of Infinite Possibilities

$50 /mo
Seriously? Well first, THANK YOU capital letters style. Second: let's e-meet on Skype or real-meet for a drink or two if we're in the same town! 


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