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Join the We Are Already Free tribe as a Lion Wilding and:
  • Inspire your authenticity with sacred folk songs, poems and stories.
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  • Learn and deepen your inner alchemy practices with breathwork livestreams
  • Support me in supporting my beautiful family of Beloved Carly, four dogs, farm animals and (God willing) a little one or two to come through.
  • Gift your abundance to create what you want more of.
  • Remember that We Are Already Free!
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UNDER CONSTRUCTION (though you are welcome to support at this level if you feel called) ➡️ when launched it will be the Dragon Wilding Book Club, where we read inspiring books together and inspire the heck out of ourselves and each other 🐉.
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About Nathan Maingard

If you're here, then you're probably like me: a highly sensitive person who was in some way crushed, limited or boxed by a society which convinced you that you needed to conform to 'normality' to be worthy of love.

I remember the hopelessness of feeling trapped by society, saying to myself, 'surely there must be more to life than this!' In the hope that conforming would make me 'good enough', I lived a false self and used social media, substances, sex and unhealthy living to numb my pain (which did nothing but push me deeper into darkness, depression and dis-ease).

Thankfully, through the power of breathwork, creativity and deep inner-healing practices, I began transforming the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours which kept me chained. I embraced my truth: I was the guard of my own prison and I held the key to unlock my sovereignty. This gave me the clarity and courage to liberate myself and begin taking action from an empowered, heart-centred space. Now I'm dedicating my life to sharing these transformational creations and practices with you

Why Join This Patreon?

By joining this community you can:
  • Inspire your authenticity with powerful songs, poems and stories.
  • Remember that You Are Already Free!
  • Directly support the creation of my work, in service to all our relations.
  • Learn and deepen your inner sovereignty practices with breathwork and conscious communication
  • Be a person who gives your attention, energy and abundance to the things you want more of in the world
  • Help me generate abundance for my beautiful family of Beloved Carly, four dogs, farm animals and even (God willing) a little one or two at some point soon 🥰

Here is what you will directly be supporting for others in the world, in their own words:

"I was lost and became clinically depressed. I started to listen to Nathan. His work made a HUGE difference in the worst part of my life, in how I've begun pulling myself up out of the darkness I was in. He speaks the words some of us want to but don't know how." -Anon
"His music grasped hold of my heart and gently taught it not to be afraid anymore. It raised my soul, and lead it of the dark little corner it had been occupying for so long. I laughed, cried and FELT, felt things I'd been unable or unwilling to feel in a long time. He helped me realise that the advice I spent years giving other people ("you deserve the absolute best", "it's okay to be different") actually applied to me too. Nathan and his music have had a direct impact in making me happier and more excited about life.” -Eli
"After I lost my wife to Cancer all I wanted was to be with her again. I gave up on everything. I neglected my health, and everyone around me. I couldn't even get out of bed all I did was feel sorry for myself and I stayed in a constant state of depression. It wasn't until I heard Nathan sing Always Wandering that I began the crawl back to a place of hope." -Charles

So, dear friend, if you're done with living a limiting life set for you by a society terminally sick with it's own dis-ease, this is your invitation to liberate yourself from the old story and begin living an authentic life so full of Wonder that, on the day you die, you can look back with a grin rather than a broken heart.

Join the Wildings now, and remember: We Are Already Free!

With love and thanks

PS: this is not a 'paywall', this work needs to reach as many people as possible. You might get sneak peeks on creations when they're still rough and growing and there are a few exclusive bonuses...but please know that by supporting here, you are a part of more abundance reaching everyone who needs it (not just the people who can afford the energetic exchange we call money). If you read this far, I know you get it 🥰. Thank you, thank me, thank us!
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The epic 1000 true fans goal enables me to grow my team by hiring team members and allowing me to focus on inspiring authenticity so we can feel, heal and grow Home together!
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