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We create a podcast of psychedelic and interesting collage-based programs. 

If there is a subject or idea that we find interesting and want to explore, we create a radio program about it. These programs are in a long-playing AUDIO COLLAGE format and are made up of transformed pieces of sound taken, and recycled from the media environment through an artistic work process. The overall tone of these mixes is psychedelic and stream-of-consciousness in format.

In the same way MTV in 1983 housed many works of the (then) new artform 'music video' (as well as its own programming) so too does the NCN project act as a receptacle or venue for other accredited 'recycled media' or 'found sound' works, such as bastard pop, mash-ups, media collages, version medleys, parodies, covers, remixes, and anything musically NEW and UNIQUE made out of pre-existing material.

In our programs, we explore UNIVERSAL themes in a very SUBJECTIVE way, representing our own MAGNIFIED PERSPECTIVE on the subject matter at hand to create a compelling listening program. We seek to communicate our experience of the media, as well as give listeners a way to discover new and obscure music and create a sonic collage album of AUDIO snapshots taken withing the current MEDIA ENVIRONMENT at the time of their creation. Note that some of the programs that are not marked 'radio edit' may be NSFW in tone and subject matter. Listener discretion is advised.

Ideally, the BEST podcast programs, the FAVORABLE MUTATIONS, become more than the sum of their parts and exist as audio documentaries representing the cultural conversation, and zeitgeist, of their subject matter at hand. 

We have been favorably reviewed by Boing Boing, The San Jose Metro, The San Jose Mercury News and the late George Carlin characterized our efforts as 'tremendous' and 'fabulous'. 

We are not asking for money in exchange for content, but rather asking for pledges to help support the work, time, and expense, that goes into creating and maintaining the podcast and website.

We have created over 100 shows, in our podcast archives and on Mixcloud, and want to continue! But we need financial support. Even a revolving donation of $1 per month is helpful to us if we get enough supporters!

We are affiliated with The Church of the Subgenius and our network has been called 'An Outreach Ministry to the Latent Einsteins in Our Listening Audience' as are other SubGenius-oriented radio shows in existence such as WREK's "Bob"'s Slacktime Funhouse, The Puzzling Evidence Show on KPFA and Hour of Slack which is on WCSB. Our radio program/podcast is similar to the radio program of the band Negativland, Over the Edge, from which we take inspiration and direction. We stream our shows live as well as make them available on our podcast and/or Mixcloud page.

Thank you for your support.  
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This helps us maintain the rental on the platform which is home to our website (Sensory Research Network) as well as compensation for time spent creating the podcast (About 10 hours per week). This lets us also keep the url active and lets us buy any hardware or software needed for the program's creation as well as any expense in acquiring new material.

Note - a pledge is not in any way payment for content, but rather compensation for the work and expense of putting that content into a unique form (our podcast). We usually produce 1 to 3 of these programs per month. We generally stream 4 times per month, and occasionally come out with written pieces and videos.
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