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Natty Soltesz here! I've been writing gay smut with a literary bend since 2000. My first two books (Backwoods from Rebel Satori Press and College Dive Bar, 1 A.M. from Go Deeper Press) were Lambda Literary Award finalists. My novel My Sister's Boyfriend came out in 2017. I even co-wrote a porno movie called Dad Takes a Fishing Trip. You may have jerked off to my work in old rags like Freshmen and Mandate, in books like Best Gay Romance 2013, on Tumblr (which still has porn on it if you haven't noticed), on my website and on free story sites like The Nifty Erotic Stories Archive.

Why become a patron? I've got a ton of new fuck fiction that I'll be posting exclusively to Patreon; shorter pieces and longer ones (cause variety is the spice o' life). Throw a few bucks a month my way to get access. And coming soon: even more ways to spend your money on me!

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