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is creating innovative substance abuse prevention/intervention for teens
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About Natural Highs

Thank you for becoming part of our supporting community!
Just say YES!!!! today and with any donation you receive our first Natural Highs Album "You Can Change the Vibe" for FREE!!!!!
Are you looking for meaningful, inspiring HOLIDAY GIFTS?
Make a donation in someone's name  & send the album download as your gift to your loved ones.
All original music is created by teens who thrive having the opportunity to work with a professional music producer. With your donation we can keep the Natural Highs Record Label strong and help more teens discover and manifest their creativity. Thank you for your love & support in helping young people bring their voices & creativity to the world!!!!!

Want to help teens in supporting other teens to find healthy alternatives to drugs & alcohol?

As a small, grassroots non-profit run by teens we are not able to access any traditional substance abuse prevention funding since all of it is tightly regulated by the Federal Government. As a small teen-run nonprofit we don't have access to the large research infrastructure and money it would take to do the required traditional research & evaluation of a program to be included in the Federal Government's list of approved substance abuse prevention programs. Because of this sad reality, we can't access traditional prevention funding or any of the much talked about marijuana tax money ;(
This is where you come in:
If you want Natural Highs survive and thrive, you can become part of the Natural Highs Community! Bypass red tape & bureaucracy and help us to expand this innovative, successful and inspiring approach to substance abuse prevention!!!!!
Over the last 12 years we have served over 2000 teens per year.
We are so successful that consistently over 80% of all our participants say in anonymous evaluation forms that Natural Highs has helped them either decrease their substance use or quit their substance use all together. This success rate is unheard of in substance abuse prevention programs. The reason we can be so successful in engaging teens is that teens are the leaders in Natural Highs and decide and create everything we do. Natural Highs is a movement and we do cool things like Sober Raves, Open Mics, acupuncture, meditation, trance dancing and many other things you probably have never seen in "drug programs".
Natural Highs has become so popular that we have many requests from schools and youth programs to bring Natural Highs to them. We would love your support so we can bring Natural Highs into more schools and youth communities and expand beyond Boulder.

This is how you can support Natural Highs:

$5 Sponsors a monthly AcuDetox treatment for a teen which can reduce cravings, anxiety, depression & PTSD symptoms and help keep a teen supported & healthy.
$10-20 Co-sponsors our Natural Highs Record Label so teens get help getting their music & creative projects out
$25 Sponsors a Month of Natural Highs program for a teen including positive peer mentor support which some teens said has "saved their life".
$100 Co-sponsors a Sober Event for teens on a weekend night providing much needed support & community at a high-risk time.
$ 500 sponsors the launch of a new Natural Highs Program in a school or new community for teens from marginalized backgrounds. You can be part of starting a grassroots movement and create hope & inspiration in a new community.
Natural Highs is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization and all of your donations are fully tax deductible.

We are excited that you want to be part of the movement!
And even more important than your financial support is knowing that you are out there wanting to support us in becoming powerful young leaders in giving hope, knowledge and empowerment to other young people! This way, we can help young people  become leaders and step up and create a more positive culture for all of us!
Thank you so much for your love and care for the next generation.

This is what young people say about Natural Highs:
- “Natural Highs saved my life and the lives of many other teens I know. It is an amazing and beautiful support. The community, learning and discussions we take part in are safe and intricate. Natural Highs helps me thrive.”
- “It has given me confidence and helped me reduce my anxiety. I learn so much from my students and other peer mentors. I feel powerful and free. This is the unique part of Natural Highs”
- “Natural Highs is more than just an education program. Natural Highs is a community built on trust, friendship, authenticity, curiosity and peer support. This program allows teens to ask challenging questions, discover themselves, make connections and find answers that empower their decisions.”
- “Natural Highs has opened up a door to a life without drugs. It has showed me what happens in my body and what affects us differently.”
- “Sober 11 months.”
- “It has created a safe place for me to be myself and I know I can be accepted. The power of this group is beyond words. Taking time for Natural Highs is supporting myself. To lead something so beautiful and powerful and give back to the people is the most healing experience you could have.”
- “It helps give a space where there is a community not based on drugs that teaches about drugs, our body, our brain and how our brain works and is affected. I love how it is and I don’t know what should change, just grow and spread what we learn here.”
- “It’s one of the very few communities that supports a non-drug based space.”
- “It provides a community where I feel held. It allows me to find like-minded people. It provides alternatives to substance use. It helps with depression, anxiety and similar issues. It helps me be creative.”
- “I learn more about myself and the relationships with the world around me. I feel completely held and accepted in this community. I love coming here to grow.”
- “Helps kids feel like they are part of something bigger or like they are part of a community.”

THANK YOU for your support to continue our Outreach with NATURAL HIGHS!!!!!

For more info and how to stay in touch:
Facebook "Natural Highs Community"

$74 of $400 per month
For $400 per month we can pay for weekly AcuDetox treatment that can serve up to 25 teens weekly in receiving cutting-edge & evidence-based treatment to improve cravings for substances, depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms and can be a a valuable tool to support teens with effective stress management without any side effects ;)
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