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Curious About Cannabis (basic)
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Support the Curious About Cannabis program and get access to special CAC podcast content, early episode releases, access to full-length interviews, exclusive members-only educational videos, and more!

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Support the production of GardenWild educational content and spread the word about using wildlife-friendly gardening to support native biodiversity. 

Our first GardenWild publication is a book aimed at helping educators and school administrators integrate wildlife gardening elements into learning environments. Your contribution will support the production of the book and subsequent publications thereafter.

GardenWild patrons will also receive access to exclusive content as it becomes available.

Toadstool's Treasures
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Help support the Toadstool's Treasures learning initiative and receive a free copy of the Toadstool's Treasures children's book when it is published in early 2020 (membership must be active at time of publication).

Your contribution will go directly toward funding the production of the Toadstool's Treasures children's book and other future mycological content.

About Natural Learning Enterprises

Natural Learning Enterprises is a science education company dedicated to the enhancement of public scientific literacy through education about the natural world.

Your support on Patreon will allow us to invest in the resources that we need to generate more and better content. We are interested in developing educational videos, books, lesson plans, online courses, and more. With your support we can purchase equipment, pay for web hosting and related fees, produce content, and acquire media production and editing assistance.

To see what we've accomplished so far visit Natural Learning Enterprises. Imagine what we could accomplish with your continued support! Check out some of the goals that we are currently working toward, and consider signing for for a tier that suits you. You can sign up to support a specific NLE program, or you can become a lead supporter and support all of our programs.

We currently have three primary educational programs, with more in development:

  • GardenWild
    • Habitat loss and habitat fragmentation are two of the leading causes of rapid declines of biodiversity in suburban and urban areas. You can help protect the environment by building wildlife-friendly gardens that provide food, shelter, and water for native wildlife. Our GardenWild program promotes garden education, ecologically conscious garden design, and native plant propagation.


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Equipment Acquisition

Once we raise $500 a month, we will be able to invest in various computer, graphic design, and audio equipment to support media projects that are in development, including the upcoming Curious About Cannabis podcast, the Toadstool's Treasures book, and more!
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