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About Natural Toonie

What is Natural Toonie?
Short Answer: Natural Toonie is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast brought to you by the Upford Network.
Long Answer: This show takes place in a fictional, alternate-universe Canada, where employees of the Conception Bay Expeditionary Fishery Commission of Her Majesty's Naval Forces of Conception Bay, NFL, or Licensed Fisherpeople for short, set off on adventures to explore and chronicle the vast, bizarre world of this New Found Land. And that's just in our main campaign. We also have a side-campaign set further North in the same region, a bunch of super goofy one-shots, and, occasionally, Passive Wisdom episodes, where we talk out of character about D&D, worldbuilding, storytelling, and more!

If you pledge to support us here on Patreon, you'll get access to lots of amazing perks, like having NPCs named after you, access to bonus content, shoutouts, personalized messages, custom artwork, and more. Plus, we're using a Patron Points System where, for every dollar you donate to us on Patreon, you get a Patron Point, which you can save up over time to cash in for perks that affect us in-game! Want to send us off to fight a specific monster of your choosing, give us a cool new weapon inspired by your own adventures at home, or throw some kind of minor inconvenience at us? You can do that! We'll outline some of the Points-System perks below, but first...

Why do we even need money?
Good question! The reality is, producing a high quality podcast isn't free! Between web-hosting, equipment upkeep, marketing, and paying for studio time, there's a bunch of built-in expenses right out the gate. We also want to be able to pay everyone involved in the production of our show- especially our editor, since each episode can take up to 10 hours to edit, and our illustrator, who's doing a bunch of awesome work for us out of the goodness of his heart (for now)- and pay for a Syrinscape subscription. If you've never heard of Syrinscape, check them out- they provide a very cool, intuitive, high-quality software for scoring games, and, while we can use the free version of their software for the time being, we love the work they do and would love to be able to pay for it! (Plus, honestly, the paid subscription has way more options, which would be very cool to be able to access.)
If we can bring in a minimum of $100/month, that'll cover all of our default monthly expenses, including Syrinscape. So that's our first goal! Obviously, we'll have a bunch of stretch goals, which you can read about in the Goals section of our page.

So, how does the points system work?
It's simple- for every $1 you donate to us on Patreon, we'll give you 1 Patron Point. We'll keep track of how many every patron has accumulated at any given time, and you can contact us to check your balance whenever. As you give money overtime, your Patron Point balance will grow, giving you more to spend on cool in-game perks! These are perks you can redeem on top of whatever perks you get for pledging at any given level, and you can save up your points for as short or as long as you want. If there's a 100 point perk you're interested in, but you can't afford to donate $100 all at once, you can donate what you can monthly and save up your points until you can afford it! Of course, if you want to give a ton of money all at once and get access to higher-priced perks, we're not going to stop you.

Patron Point Shop:
Here's a few of the items you can cash in your Patron Points for! We'll update this list from time to time, and if you've got suggestions of new things to add, we'd love to hear them! We might also run the occasional sale, so keep an eye on our Twitter page @NaturalToonie to find out when those happen!
Ask A Question: For just 5 PP, you can ask us a question about the lore/geography of our story, and Alex or Tom will have to answer it on an upcoming episode!
A Helping Hand: For 10 PP, you can choose 1 player to give a helping hand! Give us an extra damage die or advantage on rolls of your choice for an entire combat session! This one is cheap, because we want you to be nice to us! Being mean to us is more expensive, because, well, it should be!
A Minor Inconvenience: For 20 PP, you can work with Alex or Tom to choose a Minor Inconvenience for our heroes to face in an upcoming episode. Maybe you'll loot our treasure, or give one of us a splitting headache, or damage a bridge or a road we need to cross. Basically, anything that sucks for us, but isn't game-breaking!
A Major Inconvenience: For 50 PP, you can work with Alex or Tom to choose a Major Inconvenience for our heroes to face in an upcoming episode. This can include things like weapons breaking, adding additional monsters to a combat, giving a hero disadvantage on all their rolls for a session, or anything that really, really sucks for us, but is still fun for everyone involved. You can't, like, kill us off or anything. That wouldn't be fun!
Custom Weapon: For 75 PP, you can work with Alex or Tom to design a customized weapon or piece of equipment for one of our heroes as a gift! They'll be obligated to keep it forever, and, as a gesture of appreciation, will totally use it as much as possible, even if it's ridiculous. Want to make one of us wear a silly hat forever? Done. Want to give one of us the Trident Of Fish Command, an actual D&D weapon that exists and is super silly? No problem!
Custom Monster: For 100 PP, you can work with Alex or Tom to create a customized monster for our heroes to fight in an upcoming episode! It'll have a pretty decent challenge rating, and be the kind of fight that ends up taking up a decent chunk of an episode.
Choose Our Next Hero: For the absurdly high price of 500 PP, you can decide on the race & class of the next hero to join our cast! We don't know exactly how often we'll be switching up the parties, but our format definitely allows for it, and if you think the next character to join our show should be a Gnome Fighter, a Tabaxi Bard, or, heck, even a literal baby, we can make that happen! We'll work with you to come up with the basics, then we'll cast someone awesome to bring that character to life!

So, that's it! If you've read this far, it's obviously because you're interested, so please consider donating! Every dollar helps! Also, this is the *only place* you can listen to our one-off test session, where our heroes encounter some ridiculous NPCs and fight with weird extra-planar lobsters. Curious? Pledge to support us!

Thanks so much!

Note: You'll be charged right away when you pledge, and then again on the 1st of every month. This is so that you can start claiming perks right away :)
$28.73 of $100 per month
We need $100/month to cover all of our basic expenses. If we hit this, we'll be able to afford a Syrinscape membership, which will radically improve the atmosphere of the show by giving us all-access to awesome background music and sound effects.
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