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About Nature Based Living

      Welcome! 🌻 Thank you for being here! Nature Based Living is a personal blog and community page on herbalism, gardening, permaculture, re-wilding and natural healing as well as lifestyle and parenting with nature in mind. My goal is to pair traditional folk knowledge with modern evidence as well as to have an outlet to share my adventures and life lessons.

      Over the next few years, I will be adding over 300 herbs and foods with their history, medicinal value and high quality recipes to incorporate them easily into your diet. I also have plans to create an app for easy access from any device. Unlike a book, my herbs and food profiles will be updated with new information, studies, warnings or other interesting information. 

        Access to my posts are donation based from $1 to $6 and every level has access to the same posts and is charged monthly via paypal on the 1st of the month. For less or as much as a coffee, you can get access to and learn about herbalism at your own pace! You can cancel your membership at any time.

        Along with membership, you will be able to request any herb or food to be covered that I haven't covered already and I will complete it to the best of my ability and knowledge as soon as possible. I am also available to research any topic of interest related to natural living to the best of my ability on request. 

        I'm always available via email at [email protected] Visit my main blog for more information and an organized list of my posts that are both free and paid for at

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