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About Nature Dei

I'm Dei and I like to understand things. I have combined the passions of my past:
  • being a nerd (mathematician and (astro)physicist) 
  • being on a stage (dancer for 16 years)
and started a Youtube channel about Science! And Technology! And myself - a perfectionist girl, who tries to get rid of her perfectionism by making sciency-techy-and all the other type of-experiments wich, let's be honest, will include loads and loads of failures, not necessarily followed by a happy ending. 

Apart from videos of the experiments, I doubt I will avoid body challenges and videos about environmental issues. But whatever. I just wanna have fun! And do interesting things. And share them with you, cause, apparently, I also looooove editing :)).

The world is so interesting.
Let's play life.
Join me.

With love,

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