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This reward tier is for those who want to show me some support while also gaining access to some of my incomplete megapacks.

• Access to #supporters a Discord channel for patrons only.
• Access to work in progress BBWVR2 megapacks.

Includes Discord benefits


per month

This reward tier is mainly for those who want early access to mods.  Along with all of the previous rewards they will receive:

• Access to #mod-suggestions a Discord channel where you will be able to suggest what mods I should make next.

• Early Access to mods.

Includes Discord benefits


per month

This reward tier is perfectly suited for those who frequently commission mods. Along with all of the previous rewards they will receive:

• A 10% discount on any commission (this can add up quite fast).

• Priority over non patrons and lower tiers for commission slots.

Includes Discord benefits



About natyusha

Hey, natyusha here! I've been a mod maker for FFXIV since the Realm Reborn days and have produced more mods than almost anyone else in the community. This Patreon is meant as a way for people who enjoy my work to support me and help determine what I make next.

Contrary to many other creators, the notion of private mods does not sit well with me and as such everything that I produce will be made available for the entire community. I will instead be using an early access model where patrons of the Influencer tier and above will receive access to my original mods and ports at least two weeks before anybody else. Conversions, upscales and edits of existing mods will not be part of the early access system. This way of doing things is not nearly as lucrative as keeping things private so I would like to extend a huge thank you to anyone who chooses to become a patron. You are not only helping to support me but everyone else who uses my mods as well.

Feel free to hang out on Discord or add me as a friend even if you don't decide to pledge!

@natyusha#7261 / My Discord Server
33% complete
When I reach my small initial goal I will be able to upgrade my lackluster internet package allowing me to stream at a higher quality as well as upload videos, tutorials and large mods much more quickly.
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