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        About naval encyclopedia

        naval encyclopedia ( is a well established website in the naval sphere and well known since the 1990s for its numerous and patiently crafted fleets posters. Through weekly articles (about three per week !) this site is aiming at a comprehensive overview of all fleets, ships type and tech, naval history, as far back as the ancient antiquity.
        So far, the website has cumulated 266,000 users last year, its audience is still growing, with around 1,500 daily visits.
        -However, with a growing website comes also growing hosting costs. That's where you can assist: A better hosting means a faster site, running smoothly on desktop, tablet and smartphone.
        Of course, the goal here is to eliminate ads. Nobody likes them, me included.

        -You can also help me crafting more of these fleets posters which represents sometimes dozens of hours of work and documentation. Last of these project is the WW2 US Navy. Representing all individual ship in HD on a gargantuan scale, at around 1/400, with classes characteristics, dates, specs. Nothing such as this has never been done. The final result would likely be displayed in maritime museums around the world as it is already the case for the Royal Navy WWI "real thing" poster.

        Help me achieving these goals and make Naval Encyclopedia even better !

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