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About Navessa Allen

My name is Navessa. I create serialized fiction that I post in installments to my website and on Wattpad. I write in a variety of romantic subgenres, to include historical, paranormal, and contemporary. 

Most of my current works are free-to-read. Obviously that means that I am writing at expense. Site fees, cover art, and editing costs add up. Patreon is where I hope to make a little bit of that money back. 

By becoming a patron, you will gain exclusive access to several planned short stories, my completed contemporary romance, Snowed In, and, if you join a higher tier, advanced chapters of my latest work in progress, The Lunatics, a paranormal romance centered around a prickly pack of werewolves based in Boston. 
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This goal is set with the hope to eventually cover all of my site fees, as well as the cost for cover art and editing. If it's met, my patrons will get an exclusive short story set in the world of Scandal, my most popular work of fiction so far. 
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