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  • Previews of my arrangements and original songs!
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About naya

Hey, I'm naya!
I'm 21 years old and come from germany. For a long time already I'm creating different kinds of covers and collaborations on YouTube, mostly in german or japanese!
Other than covers and collabs I also started making own music and arrangements/remixes! Still walking with baby shoes regarding this but I'm trying and it's a lot of fun!
I always try to do my best when it comes to mixing and sometimes even animating to create something I can be proud of so I'm really thankful for all the help I get from friends during this process of starting and finishing a project. But it's also fun and strengthen the bond of the people I'm working with to create memories together! ♥ 

Through financial support I'll get the opportunity to commission Artists and Animators who can help me in these areas I'm too weak for skill-wise, who can help me creating this content one can be proud of and just want to share with everyone!
As a patron you'll get sneak peaks and previews of covers, collabs and own songs. I'm really thankful for everyone who supports me with and without money and thank you for considering to maybe support me!!

Danke für eure Unterstützung!
Thank you for your support!
(´• ω •`) ♥
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When I reach 20 patrons I will organize a big YouTube Chorus Collaboration where everyone can be part of and where you decide on the song we gonna sing!
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