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  Who Am I?  

Hey there :)
I'm Nayeli, and I'm a singer, actress, composer, and producer. I create vocal covers of all kinds... full songs, short clips, orchestral arrangements, a cappella, etc.

My styles are varied, ranging from classical crossover, symphonic metal, musical theatre, easy listening, folk, etc. But above all, what my music always features contemporary vocals with classical roots.

  How can you support me?  
Essentially being a patron means tipping me for my work. If you enjoy listening to my many creations, this is an extra "thank you!" so that I can keep creating more :)

You can either:
  • Pledge with an rewards package ($1 or more, $5 or more, $10 or more, $20 or more per month) and get bonus content including .wav downloads of full covers
  • Pledge your own chosen amount without receiving any rewards

► Important to know!!
You can completely customize your pledge.
You can pause or cancel at any time :)

Please ask me any questions you may have!

  What are all the things I actually do?  

1. Many of my songs require me to arrangement/orchestration, which often involves hours (depending on the length) of sitting at the piano and playing the song over and over, to find how I'm going to deliver my own version of the piece.
2. If not a short a cappella clip, I then create the instrumental/orchestration for the song. This often takes anywhere from 4-12 hours (I'm a perfectionist) to write, play, input, and edit all of the parts.
3. Film and record vocals. I do film most of my vocals live (except harmonies of course!). Being a one woman show, I manage the setup and lacking proper lighting equipment, greatly depend on natural light to create my videos. This adds to my overall production time and lengthens the process for me. These videos can take up to an hour or two (short clips) or several full days if I'm really picky (most definitely for full length videos).
4. For full length songs available for purchase, I send them off to get mixed and mastered. Of course I work with a wonderful sound engineer who needs to be compensated for his work! (If I work with other musicians, this also applies!) This adds to a song's overall cost and production time.
5. Edit the video. Correct lighting, colour, trim, match the vocals to the video so they sync up in the timeline, add credits, titles, etc. Importing and exporting takes forever and I don't have the fastest or most efficient equipment, so yes. Very long :)
6. Upload everything and create the proper images and formats for all of the many social media platforms that I'm active on.
7. And of course keep in touch with all of you! And respond to your many comments and messages. I really try to answer as much as I can, and honestly sometimes it can take a very long time as well, but I love hearing from everyone! I am so grateful to anyone who has ever listened to my work or reached out with a comment, message or email <3

  How do your pledges help me?  

Well creating all of this content does have its costs, including:

Sound equipment (a rented studio microphone and external audio interface, computer, MIDI controller)
Software (audio/video editors and a sound library of instruments, which either purchased or are monthly subscriptions)
Film equipment (cameras, lenses, sd cards, batteries, lights)
Hiring sound engineers, and other musicians.

So your pledge is a hugely appreciated and put to very good use :)

  Endless Gratitude 

I am so thankful to all of you, my audience and friends for listening to my music, and letting me share my work with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  Get to know me!  
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13 of 20 patrons
When I reach my first 20 patrons, I'll do a Q&A video!
¡Cuando llego a 20 patrocinadores, haré un video de preguntas y respuestas!
Quand j'arrive à 20 patrons, je créerai un vidéo de questions et réponses!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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