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Viral Enigma

$1 /mo
Viral Enigma:

I have set a goal to reach 500 Patrons that are willing to pledge $1 per month,  $12 per year to help support my Art creations here on Patreon.  Please share this reque...


Puzzle Pieces

$2 /mo
Every Puzzle needs Pieces... You can't solve a puzzle without them.  My patrons are the pieces that hold my Art and Daily Life together.  

Thank You for bein...


Patron of the Arts

$20 /mo
This is my Patron of the Arts pledge level:

At this level your Reward is a Signed Art Greeting Card - created by @Nazaire73 mailed to you.


Puzzle Solutions

$2,000 /mo
Puzzle Solutions:

You can shape the direction of a life, by allowing an artist the tools to solve all daily life worries, like rent, healtcare, food, and travel.   Puzzle Solutions giving the me...