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Everything community has to be held up with a solid foundation, and in computing, it can be said that it all begins with a single bit.

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It's not quite byte size, but four bits isn't a bad place to be right, right? At this tier, we're almost to the point we could actually do a bit of processing.

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With a byte, I can express unsigned appreciation in a full 256 unique ways. You really are a champion of the channel, and I'll even go as far to say that you literially help power my processing!

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About NCommander

About Me and My Work
Preserving history is one of my greatest passions in life, and as someone who loves technology, it disheartens me that a lot of things just seem left by the wayside. I personally want to invest in making sure that some of the odder and more forgotten pieces of yesteryear such as things like Microsoft LAN Manager get documented, explore the "joy" of early Linux, or even explore strange and usual pieces of hardware and technology such as the Professional Graphics System, and its' accompanying GKS software.

Prior to working as a YouTube Content Creator, I worked various freelancing gigs including designing the late Mixer's FTL streaming protocol, launcing, and did a variety of embedded operating system development and deployment. I also worked from Canonical from 2009 to 2015 as the ARM Tech Lead (and other roles) and retaining a position as an Ubuntu Core Developer.

Fundraising Goals:
As of the time of this publication, I live on fixed income, and it means that some of the more ambitious projects that I want to undertake, such as exploring OS/2 1.0 on a PS/2 machine, have been stymied due to cost required to get the necessary hardware. I've also been needing to upgrade equipment and other aspects for the channel.

By launching this Patreon, I'm hoping that to expand my resources, and bring further bits of odd-ware to YouTube history, as well as perhaps be able to help hire people to help with some of the most time consuming aspects of video production such as post-processing my audio, fact-checking and more. Right now, I'm hoping the initial funds raised could be put forth towards a document scanner of some sort, followed by DSLR camera, and lighting to help improve things.

Beyond that, I also want to use my expanded budget to purchase more expensive items like an 8" drive, and eventually be able to dedicate every bit towards the best content preservation and documentation I can manage.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, it would really make a huge difference, even if it's only a dollar a month, to think that people care that much. I'll make sure that Patreon supporters get good close-ups on what I'm doing, exclusive clips and outtakes, and each and every one of you will be making sure I make the best videos possible.

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