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We are four developers that are dedicated to making unique game concepts come to life!

Our first title, R.E.M, is currently in development! REM is an x-ray horror / runner game. Set in a burning high-rise office building in 1996, your goal is to find survivors and escape. You play as Anthony, a survivor of a building fire disaster who is suffering from survivors guilt and PTSD. Your goal is to help him process his trauma through his dreams by surviving and collecting items that connect him to the real world. Help him save the people that he could not save during the fire, unlock multiple endings to the story, and restore his sanity. Can you save your co-workers? Can you even save yourself?

R.E.M features puzzles, a procedurally generated environment, stealth, and an intriguing narrative with multiple endings. Initially, we plan on releasing for PC and Mobile, but are also looking into releasing on additional platforms such as xbox or playstation.

Each pledge makes it possible for us to dedicate more time to developing REM to its full potential. We greatly appreciate your support!

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Each month that we hit this goal, we are able to devote more time to REM. In this case, we'll be able to add more complex puzzles and terrifying insanity effects.
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