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About Ryan Ritter

My name is Ryan Ritter, you can call me NDtex. I run the Notre Dame Football website Her Loyal Sons and also do charity streaming for Extra Life through my Gamin' 4 Aven campaign.

If you've landed on this page, firstly, I want to thank you for even remotely considering your support. You may have heard me mention in the past that I've quite literally been sitting on this page for a few years and it's long past time I get this thing going.

In fact, leading up to launching this thing, I've changed this intro, goals, incentives, tiers, and...well...everything multiple times. Figuring out what to ask for audience to pay after previously putting everything out for free is an ask I don't take lightly.

At the end of the day, I want to create more content. I believe that content has value, but doesn't have a proper home. That's where this Patreon comes in.

A great example is The Friday Roundup, which I used to do on HLS. It has died, repeatedly on that site because it has nothing to do with HLS football. I enjoy writing it and I know people enjoyed reading it, even if the audience was smaller. The problem arises because the heart of that post is being completely random and scatter-shooting news. SEO is a real thing (that I'm real bad at) and thus, after a while, the thing I once enjoyed turns into a futile exercise of defeat and does little to grow HLS at large.

Now the Roundup will have a home. As will a new weekly feature called Monday Musings, which can best be described as something of a personal blog. Topics will range from sports, video games, entertainment, wrestling, and maybe (*GASP*) politics on occasion. Think of my Twitter feed, but not having to click through a thread of more thoughts.

These things may sound amazing and well worth not just your time, but your hard-earned cash. Perhaps you think these things aren't your cup of tea, but find my HLS content more valuable and worth your hard-earned cash. Perhaps you enjoy my streaming efforts for charity and believe that is worth your hard-earned cash. And each of you will feel differently about how much it's worth.

With that in mind, I'm launching a "pay what you want" model. The minimum is $1, but you can boost that amount to whatever you feel matches the value you personally get from my content. For me, it's a much easier model than figuring out tiers and rewards which have, quite frankly, simply served as roadblocks from me launching this thing.

Money earned here will be another revenue line in the HLS balance sheet. My end goal is to create more sustainable revenue (thanks for the fun lesson in ad budgets, COVID!) for not just HLS costs (including staff!), but also to supplement the equipment, giveaways, and software I buy for charity streaming.

tl;dr - I'm placing a bet that people are willing to pay for some content. Let's ride. #HAILGAMBLOR

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