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Welcome kids!
Dobrodošli ekipica!

(I know I know, WAY overdue) 

If you randomly stumbled upon my page, hey what's up😊? I'm an alien from Croatia, for the past 5yrs mostly based in Los Angeles traveling a lot. And yes, they actually gave me a title "extraordinary abilities alien" aka full-time self-made creative creator (is that a thing?)
In front of camera I sneak as an actress, alt model, performer, and behind the scenes - MUA, stylist, coach... never waited a table in my life or worked a regular 9-5 (I did teach at university, as well as pole dance and the like, do those count?) 

If you've been following my adventure on socials, chances are you've asked me for a print or autograph already. Thank you for that!! 
My Facebook fanpage is where I organically built a tribe of 35.5k+ awesome supportive creatures over the years, and made Insta only bcz Guy Tang made me.
After so many fan questions and much pondering, I finally decided to share the Dune content you guys have been asking me for, for literally years!
A place to get your signed prints, posters and magazine covers, personalized hand-written notes and merch, enjoy a decade's worth of exclusive content combined with my bloggy ramblings about this odd adventure & traveling career I call life. 
No filter and this won't be available anywhere else, ever. 

Thank you for spending your time here. Najbolji ste!
Nea 💙

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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