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Sure, I'll help out.  Not sure I totally understand, but would like to learn more. 


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Has watched C-beams glitter in the dark, and really wants to help out. 


Our site allows you to travel through curated themes and moments in time.

The site has interactive options that resemble a maze or a game.  User interactions determine how options are presented and how fast scenes move.  Some parts are interactive and other scenes and videos need to be watched in their entirety before the next scene loads.  Each interaction opens up a new scene that connects to the previous one.

The site is designed to be experienced on mobile devices, but can also be visited on desktop.  On mobile, some of our scenes use gyroscope, spatial sound and other phone features that help make up the experience.

We have released one scene related to some scenes from Tesla's life  We also have other releases we are working on and others that are on the drawing board.

Note: These are not linear stories but are abstract recreations of particular moments, which are then connected around locations.  Similarly to cases where things have, in the past, been presented in a different light...our site also presents things in a different light.  We have custom animations and sound design, and a talented group of people around the world who help with this - and we also have repeating sound and sometimes spatial sound (which some people hate but others love).  If it sounds like it's not for you and you want a linear narrative to be told, please think again about trying this (yet this ends up being sorta linear, but feels different to people who like it). 

Note: the stars don't play correctly in iOS 13, but we wanted to get this out there...

We would love to have you check out the experience at

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