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About Near Mint Condition

Welcome to the Near Mint Condition Patreon page! If you've stumbled upon this page then you are one step closer to supporting one of the most unique and hardworking YouTube channels around! Near Mint Condition is a motley crew of geeks and nerds from the Elder Millennial and Generation X eras who love to talk and reminisce about all things geek and pop culture. We strive to produce high quality content to connect with our viewers on different topics and also to inform them and help promote the geek culture. From comics to manga, from movies to video games, we touch upon some of the most popular to the most obscure parts of geekdom.

We set up this Patreon to help our channel grow. Through Patreon, our contributors will not only get exclusive content such as behind the scenes videos, but also get a chance to be a part of the show from getting their names in the credits to helping us choose topics for discussion. With your support, we will be able to get better equipment to create quality content for our viewers and continue to showcase more on our channel such as interviews with comic artists, convention coverage, and more. Thank you for your support and remember, if it's classy and cool, it must be Near Mint!
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