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You like news, that's obvious from you being on our page. Help support the Nectarine's ambition to bring independent news media to Canadians across the country. We aren't government sponsored or owned by a massive holding company or telecommunications corporation. Instead, we are an ambitious group of journalists, creatives, and innovators looking to publish the news as the news unfolds, without an underlying agenda.
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Running a newsroom is not an easy task. Reacting the second that news breaks requires the upmost efficiency from a talented team of journalists, writers, editors, creatives, and technologists to craft and deliver a FRESH story from the field to your phone. We use your donations to help pay our employees higher salaries and to hire new ones.
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We are an ambitious team at the Nectarine. We want to bring independent journalism to the forefront of the industry without having third party agendas or lobbyists to please. Our main goal is to produce the highest quality news and deliver it to you via the highest quality means. All those goals towards creating the best news experience takes time... and money. Your donations help us purchase courses and hire speakers to educate our team, purchase the latest video cameras, drones, and recording equipment.




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Thanks for checking out our Patreon page. If you're here you are likely familiar with our content and here you can find more about what we stand for and how your donations help us accomplish our mission statement to produce FRESH News.

What is FRESH News? I'm glad you asked. 


At the Nectarine, we aspire to produce journalism that meets these five criteria across all your devices with the best experience possible.

We use Patreon to help buy camera equipment, transport our journalists across Canada, and to pay creative and editorial salaries. Running a newsroom isn't cheap! 

It is our co-founder's beliefs that FRESH News should be available to all Canadians and people around the world and it is our goal to provide FRESH articles, podcasts, videos, interviews, graphics, you name it, to all those interested in consuming our content.

Thank you for your time reading and a big thank you for supporting independent journliasm should you choose to donate.
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Become a part of our first 100 patrons. Support independent journalism and the creation of FRESH News. You represent the initial supporters of our news coverage independent of government, corporate, or lobbyist goals. We believe in a world where national, provincial, and local Canadian news is covered by a source that cares about Canadians and those living in our country first. 
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