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In the past, noble powerful families were investing money in artists as a symbol of social status and leaving a heritage through art. Nowadays, things changed, people invest money in cars, travel, yachts or luxury experiences. What will be left behind our self-centered generation, visual-wise, it will most likely be based on social media, Wikipedia, and a few photojournalists dedicated to the craft.

Each time we and others act in the world, we produce the collective behavior that establishes the norm of the society we live in, respectively our way of life. With your support, I will be visually documenting our times and the world, into a photobook which will be passed onto future generations. You can help by supporting this journey! 

I want to give you as many documentary images as possible. Thus, I am less focusing on a tiered reward system. Instead, I am asking you to make a pledge at a level that feels comfortable to you. 
Note: At the end of each year, each patron will receive a signed print from me. The size of the print will reflect the size of your pledge.

Thank you in advance for your trust and appetite to witness with me our never-ending evolution and differences.

Share your views with me at [email protected]

P.S. You also have the opportunity to join me on my photographing trip (s) to Romania. In other words, come and be inspired for new collaborative opportunities! 

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6 of 100 patrons
When I reach 100 patrons I`ll embark on a journey to photograph and document Romania with remarkable candid imagery.

Journey theme:  I SEE Romania
Mantra: 1$ - 1km - 1 image
Length: 10.000 km

/ Photojournalist Neculai Deloiu
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