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Karl Kennedy level

$1 /mo
Just because Dr Karl Kennedy's a tightarse doesn't mean his efforts aren't appreciated. Save your pennies and take Suz to a nice dinner.

  • You get an on air shoutout
  • ...

Toadie level

$2 /mo
Toadfish Rebecchi is a legal eagle and should be on the big bucks but he's skint from working so many pro bono cases for his neighbours, bless him.

  • Access to a monthly audi...

Terage level

$5 /mo
Terese Willis is a little bit fancy. She orders takeaway with all the trimmings, has a wine while she does the laundry and wears a power blazer to a social gathering.

  • A dig...

Paul Robinson level

$20 /mo
Hey, Moneybags! We don't care how you got cashed up, we're just thrilled you're splashing it around on us.

  • Pick one character or storyline from Neighbours history for us to ...

AaronDownTheMines' #BrandEnthusiasm [ADVERTISER]

$50 /mo
Aaron has arranged some #BrandEnthusiasm for you!

  • A 30-sec commercial for your business or brand during every Neighbuzz podcast (approx 2-3 per month, script subject to appr...