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About Neil Allen

I’m Neil Allen, the creator of Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian, a cosmic fantasy multiverse adventure. 

Throughout my life I have yearned and hoped for good representation in the genre entertainment I enjoy, and supported it where I found it. More often than not, however, I just wound up frustrated.

Growing up, most of my favorite video games, cartoons, and comics didn’t feature anyone notable who looked anything like me, and on the off chance they did, the character usually wound up as a desexualized husk of a person, while many of the “normal” characters actually got to be something closer to fully realized humans with desirable qualities.

I think this was primarily because the stories didn’t often focus on the diverse characters, so it wasn’t their role to be fully fleshed out.

I created the comic book series Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian largely because I was tired of that. Instead of just being frustrated and complaining, I decided to take control and put an idealized ethnically diverse hero at the forefront of a wild, imaginative, fantastic adventure. 

Making this dream a reality requires a lot of hard work, money, and time, especially when you’re just one person. This is why I have turned to Patreon.

If Zatswan speaks to you, it’s my hope you will support it monetarily and help me in creating comics you love, and to contribute in growing this brand. 
Thank you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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