Nekoyoubi is creating RMMV Plugins, Utilities & Resources

$1 /mo
My eternal gratitude, and a place in my heart... and on my tiny wall of supporters on the Stitch Gaming website. Also, assuming it's not vile, a link to whatever you choose to promote (e.g. your tw...

$2 /mo
Along with my undying affection, I'll make your entry on the wall stand out. ♥♥ 

$5 /mo
Wow, thanks! Since everything I'm building is free (and my first born are already claimed), I can't offer much, but I will build you a custom banner for the wall to show everyone how special you ar...

$10 /mo
I don't deserve you. This level of support honestly comes with nothing more than what's offered above, but if you just really want to offer the maximum support possible, I won't stop you. By the wa...