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I will provide you with one-on-one support on how to teach online using a live online class such as WizIQ, Moodle and other programs that engage learners in Face-to-face, Blended and fully online learning, and the Flipped Classroom.

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About Dr. Nellie Deutsch

I organize free and fee-based online events such as Connecting Online on the first weekend of February for 3 days and Moodle MOOT (MMVC) for 3 days in August online conferences. I also conduct MOOCs such as Moodle MOOCs twice a year for 5 weeks in November and in May, Second Life MOOC in April and Healthy Living MOOC in September and webinars for organizations for free. 
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Help us keep Moodle for Teachers (M4T) host MOOCs, webinars, online conferences, and online training for teachers on how to improve instruction and learning free for educators worldwide.

M4T includes 2 annual Moodle MOOCs and annual Second Life MOOC and Healthy Living MOOCs and online events such as Connecting Online and MMVC 3-day annual conferences, and other free online events free.

Help support M4T network so we can keep it free for educators worldwide. Join http://moodle4teachers.org and http://moodlemoot.integrating-technology.org and receive professional development for free.
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