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Dear stranger,
thanks for stopping by.

Who am I?
My name's Nemo Soda. What you're about to read is way more like a diary of a spoiled child than a proper welcoming of author. I've been struggling for the right of my nightmares to coexist in reality for many years straight. We met each other long ago: in a tiny apartment deep inside the skull I made a bed for them and put the kettle on. From now on they will never leave this flat of mine. You may have already noticed some monsters' portraits in my personal projects that are neither great nor serious:
comics and tales

animations and games

dolls and concept art

Why am I here?
The biggest challenge of my life is that a great many of ideas and projects precious to me gather dust due to lack of personal time. Those hours that could have been spent on making a comic of dreams are dedicated to rat race from a job to a job just to live another day. Cartoons, comics, drawings, games and other works are desperately crying in my thoughts.
They crave to break through but instead are doomed to be naught, as their only mother is busy with trying to get something for dinner. This is how my poverty stifles and murders all the beautiful things long before their birth.

With your invaluable support
I will quit the slavery of part-time jobs that suck out my energy. As a result, I will fully dedicate myself to serious and large-scale projects. Your help will provide me with shelter, medicine and food for my human body to feed on, whose withdrawal will finally stop causing the pain and distraction from work.
You'll make both life and art of mine thousand times better.

Dear stranger, I'll be infinitely grateful if you decide to help me.

$10 of $200 per month
With your kind support I'll get a chance to quit the part-time jobs that I take due to lack of money, dedicating all of my time exclusively to creative acts. I'll finally start getting on my feet little by little and also buy a beautiful dress for my human flesh.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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