neon midori

is creating one interconnected gaming community.
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the standard tier! you'll get everything included in the donator tier on all servers that the perks can be applied.

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About neon midori

hi! chances are if you're here you probably know what you're here for. if you want to support the cause of creating a quality community, feel free to donate here!

what is neon midori?

neon midori is an ambitious adventure to unite numerous servers for games with many different play styles around something we use every day; discord. whether you're a fan of tf2's deathrun, or like playing minecraft's skyblock, we'd like to bring that experience to you, with a community you can access anywhere backing it.

we don't just have a discord server either, we integrate with it. many other communities have a discord server as an afterthought, with a forum being the main discussion area. forums are dated at this point, and have numerous shortcomings for our purposes. for our discord server, we plan to:
  • integrate each game server's chat with a text channel,
  • have synchronized profiles that follow you through our game servers,
  • have a universal currency and store, with items you can use anywhere possible,
  • create network wide experiences never done by other communities.
while we aim to have 99% of our discussion and community on our discord, there are times when we do need to use a forum, for things like announcements and ban appeals. in our case, we use discourse for this purpose.

what would I get for donating?

by donating to us, you'll get an exclusively exclusive role and hangout channel on our discord, numerous perks on tf2, minecraft and more. for a full list of all our perks, and a breakdown of how donator and donator+ are different, please see the donator information thread on our forums here.

you can also donate through steam using regular tf2 mann co. supply crate keys. this is not recommended, as the price of keys changes often (and you usually end up paying more than what you need to), but it is still a thing you can do. please see the donator information thread for donating with these keys.

where does the money go?

money donated to us is used to cover server expenses first and foremost. if we're behind on expenses, it goes to that. if we have enough currently to cover our expenses, the remainder will be split evenly between wisty (the server owner), and dannie (the head developer), as we need to live too. if the remainder is enough to cover a server upgrade without impacting us too hard, we'll use it for that. in the future, we'll also give back to other neat projects that could use some love, and give to charity events.

what's the fine print?

please read the whole thing before you donate, it's super important!
we charge up front to prevent donator trolls, and donations are processed the first of each calendar month whether you're donating through patreon or steam. as such, it is advised that you donate towards the beginning of the month to get the most out of your first donation. if you donate less than 5 days before the end of the month (we'll know if you have), get in contact with us through discord on the first of the next month, and we'll help you get a refund of your first donation. you will not get a refund if your first donation is cancelled before the first of the next month, or if you've previously donated before. if you would like to cancel your donations, let us know beforehand so we can remove you off the donator list. failure to do so will likely result in being barred from receiving donator perks in the future. if you have steam escrow limitations and are donating through steam, your donation will be denied, so please get a mobile authenticator already!