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Hi there!
I make random bites and bytes, but most of all, music! I often upload sketches and works to SoundCloud. Complete music is also available on Bandcamp, where you can pay any price you'd like (even free!) to download my work in the highest possible quality.

My work is often a mix of electronic music and/or music composed for MIDI modules. In the case a song is a MIDI file, said file is included when you download the track through Bandcamp, or is individually available to download from my website!
Completed electronic and pop works will also be available on Spotify and other digital music distributors. Revenue recieved from distributors and Bandcamp are funded directly towards future projects, while my part time work takes care of rent and cup noodles.

By supporting this Patreon, you can help fuel the addiction that is acquiring new gear! (er, just kidding about the addiction part...) Equipment is pricey, and a college student can only save up so much a month to invest in synths, processors, space ham sandwiches and other thingstuffs that will spice up my music to the next dimension! There are no tiers or perks, and your support is appreciated but entirely optional! I assure you that you deserve an internet cookie if you can pitch in though, and you will directly be helping me improve the quality and sparkleness of my creations.

You can see many of my other social preferences including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter at my website,! See you starside!

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