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About NerdBliss

Thank you for being a valued listener. We are constantly trying to improve both technically and content-wise to give you a podcast experience you enjoy and want to come back to each week. Before we say anything else, please know that our basic weekly show will ALWAYS be free.

We also feel it's important for you to know that we've invested a lot of our own money to bring you the content you've enjoyed. There will always be equipment to buy and hosting to pay for. We also occasionally take classes or seminars on a variety of skills related to the show at our own expense. Some episodes will require travel and thus will incur all the related expenses. These are just a few of the costs we willingly pay.

Please don't misunderstand us. We do this because we love it and we knew going in that podcasting is rarely a profitable venture. That's not our goal for this page. But help in continuing and improving the show will be very much appreciated. If you don't see the reward tiers listed in the sidebar, they are still in development but definitely on the way. We want to give something extra to those who generously help us out.

In the meantime, you can always become a supporter now and still qualify for the reward tiers when they're available. Just click that big red button that says "Become a Patron".

If you cannot afford monetary support, we totally understand and are still thrilled to have you as a listener, and we thank you all the same. Again, our main show will always be free. For those of you who do choose to pledge, we greatly thank you for your generosity! We look forward to providing rewards to all of our Patreon supporters.Yours truly,

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