Nerdie is creating digital art, animations, comic pages

comic page of NTN

$1 /creation
Get the lates page of NTN before anyone else! Recive through e-mail.

Comic page

$1 /creation
Get a comic page of whatever you want! Recive through e-mail!

A simple sketch

$2 /creation
a traditional sketch of whatever you want

an full image of my simple cartoon style.

$5 /creation
It can be you, your pet or a cloud! Whatever you want and i draw a full image of it in my simple cartoon style. Digital or traditional, your choice!

full digital image

$10 /creation
I will draw you a full digital image, you will recive it through e-mail!

short animaton

$15 /creation
it can be a walking figure, or a falling apple, even a happy birthday message to a dear friend! A short animation! Recive it through e-mail.

medium animation

$50 /creation
animation in 2D, 2-3 minutes long! recive through e-mail

Full animation!

$100 /creation
Up to 10 minutes long animation of whatever you want! Recive through email!