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About Nerd on the Street

Technology through creativity.

On my technology channel, I demonstrate and discuss freedom-respecting and open-source software. I like to focus on desktop usage of GNU/Linux, but I make lots of videos about servers and other topics as well.

Creativity through technology.

On my creative channel, I push free & open-source software to its limits in making animations, machinimas, and live-action videos for a general audience.

Past productions:

  • The Entire Technology Channel: I've created hundreds of computer help & Linux discussion videos, which have accumulated over 2.5 million views on my YouTube channel.
  • Extra Life: With a lot of help, I've done six telethon-style charity gaming streams raising money for the St. Louis Children's Hospital. See recordings from our 2019 stream here!
  • Displaced (Seasons 1 & 2): I produced two feature-length seasons of a machinima series using Minecraft as an animation engine. The series is a fan-fiction sequel to the Stargate sci-fi franchise. Season 3 is currently in production as a Blender-animated show.
  • Rolling Release: I hosted a recurring podcast covering news about GNU/Linux and other libre/open-source projects.
  • Composr Community Chats: I hosted eight live video chats for the Composr CMS project. In addition to participating in the chats, I provided video editing and distribution services, so the Composr developers could focus on development.

Why should you support NOTS?

Nerd on the Street's mission statement is "to inform and entertain our viewers while advocating for free & open software." Supporting NOTS means supporting software freedom, computer literacy, and independent creativity.

While your money might be droplets of water in an ocean for larger media companies, every individual supporter means the world to me. Are my videos worth $3/month to you?

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Right tools for the job: At this level, I'll be able to afford professional-level equipment to improve the production value of my videos.

Rewards: When this goal is reached, I'll produce Life on Linux: Season 3, a complete video guide for making the switch to GNU/Linux!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts

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