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About Redd Hynes

Hello Possums! My name is Redd Hynes and I make modern embroidery with a pop culture twist from outside of Toronto, Canada.
I have been stitching full-time for about 8 years (though I did learn cross stitch as a child from my Nana.) I love the juxtaposition of dainty embroidery with a good swear word.
As my projects get more detailed and ambitious, the costs are rising. I’ve ventured into prints, and there are up front costs with that as well. I want to keep creating all the things and only be limited by my imagination.
If you join me on this crazy ride, you’ll have front row seats as I expand my art and I think that’s pretty rad, don’t you?
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I’m calling this one Baby Steps! I would be over the moon to have some of you along for the ride! It’s going to be a good time!
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