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As a goblin, I will salute you for being a patron of the arts and thank you kindly every month.

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As a hobgoblin, you will get to vote on the direction of future videos and the podcast. Monthly polls will ask for your interest on topics, and the results will be used to guide future episodes - requests for episode topics will also be added to the polls.  Patrons in this tier will have access to the private video feed of podcast recording. 

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Exactly the same as hobgoblin, but as a bugbear you will receive free pdf copies of every gaming resource I produce. Your name (or username if you prefer) will also appear in the credits of all videos and books produced. When you first join at this tier you can make a request for a piece of commissioned black & white art, this will be a digital picture.




Nerdwerds is both a blog and a youtube channel. I write about tabletop role-playing games and video games, and I make videos where I talk about video games, comic books, movies, music, and genre fiction. Content is released for both every week.

Thank you for considering patronage. I'm turning to Patreon because I would like to bring a better quality of production to what I do while keeping everything free of advertising and sponsorship. Patrons will only be charged once a month, and for your patronage I will produce a patron-only podcast where I will discuss recent trends in gaming and nerd culture.
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Self-sufficiency. At this milestone the costs of production will be completely covered. I'll celebrate in a number of ways that will only be available to patrons.
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