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What's up Nerds? 

Chances are you already know who we are. But if you don't, here is a little intro.

We are Nerdy Thursday. We are Shaun and Mitch. You know. Just two guys who like Beers, Games, and Nerd Culture in General. We also like South Park (See You Next Tuesday is a South Park show that we do as a bonus).

Our shows are full of tangents, are very opinionated, and never shy away from the fact that we really are best friends who have known each other for our entire lives. And Nerdy Thursday shows it. We agree on some things, and argue on the rest. Mitch doesn't play a lot of games, and Shaun hasn't seen a ton of movies. But that's ok. We are just here for your entertainment.

If you like what you hear, even a dollar a month is huge. We love you guys! We wouldn't be here without you.
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When we reach our $150 mark, we will be able to invest in an actual soundboard...which will bring us back into our original plan of face-to-face recording.
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