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This is the cover for my first book, Girl Tracy. I self-published it in March 2020.

This is what I've always wanted to do, write. It's been hard work, getting past my own insecurities, the inner impostor, etc. etc. I bounced around from job to job, avoiding what I really wanted to do because I thought it wasn't possible to make money from writing.

Last year I left my job and made a commitment to writing. It didn't matter if I had to go back to working full-time or selling everything I owned, I made the commitment. But that one vow is like a beautiful vine, getting bigger and bigger. It is, respectfully, demanding I get rid of the stuff in my life that isn't serving my highest good so it has room to grow.

Why Patreon

I'm in the second week of training for a customer service job that will pay me enough to cover expenses. The problem is, the hours I devote to this job takes up huge chunks of my time.

I am committed-committed to This. To put it plainly, by ‘This’ I mean getting creative impulses and acting on them. I am committed to whittling my barriers down so I can create with others and a healthy level of hesitation.

You don’t need to be a writer to understand what it means to stifle your own creativity. If you have an idea that is sitting with you, you know what it’s like to stop yourself from making the thing or putting it out into the world.

Patreon is where I want to document how I get from where I am to where I want to be, creatively. I want my Patreon to be a place where I can get weird and talk about real shit, like following the thread, pinpointing exactly where inspiration comes from, and creating the lives we want to live.

Why Become a Patron

If you've found my writing somewhere online and like what you've read so far, being a patron gives you look inside. The ideas I'm working on, what I want next for projects, the work I'm doing on self, and whatever else comes across my mind.

Here's what I want to work on right now, and what your support will help me with:
  • A major update to Girl Tracy's cover and more marketing. Also, I have to learn how to market a book.
  • Another project that I wrote before Girl Tracy that I would like to publish this in 2021. I need time to write the somethingth draft and polish it for publication. It's a young adult novel about a woman who kidnaps her little brother and sister.
  • A third project. This one will be completely different from anything I've ever written. I got the idea from a dream. It involves interdimensional travel, saving the environment, an ambitious mother at the head of everything, a sarcastic little girl with afropuffs bigger than her head. I need time to study, hone my craft. I need time to figure out how to write the characters and story.
  • A short story about a man who grows wings, another short story, or possibly an essay where I work out some family stuff.

I'm viewing my life as one big experiment. I'm learning to lighten up and not take all of it so seriously, even though I'm 36-Going-On-37 and "Should Have My Life Together". I'm curious to see if this all works out. As a patron, you get to see how it's working with me.

Thank you for taking an interest!

Find me online herehere, and here. I am sometimes on Twitter and IG.

Cover photo by Aman Bhatnagar from Pexels (via Canva).
$13.21 of $555 per month
When I reach $555 per month, every patron will get a sneak peak at the first chapter of my next project ("Project Two"). Project Two is about a nineteen-year-old woman who wants to protect her little brother and sister from the childhood she had, so she basically kidnaps them.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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