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Many people do not see anime, or did not see or know this specifically, then, here's a basic explanation: In 2012, the anime Sword Art Online (SAO) showed a fictitious reality - and well palpable - as we could see in terms of Virtual reality technology in the year 2022. The NerveGear, shown in the anime, is a helmet that reads and sends information to the brain. It serves to read and transform into brain pulse commands within the virtual world and to send pulses to the brain in order to emulate sensation and perception. In the case of anime, sending impulses is so advanced that the helmet can make the user to disconnect from the real world and feel literally inside a virtual world. In technical terms what the helmet sends are several images per second to the brain in order to emulate an environment (how many frames per second? I do not know, but no lag, then it's more than 24), this along with sensations of pain , cold, ect. All this while keeping the user in a semi-coma, unable to feel, hear, or move your body in the real world, also the result of sending electrical impulses to the brain.

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