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About Buried Rabbit +18

This is an Erotic & RPG Platformer +18 with a male or female main character where you'll have to destroy your enemies or twist their mind to do whatever you wish (or just let them play with you).
Learn and upgrade your stats and use your magic against all the monsters.

We are updating all the page as we have returned to the 3D version with new goals:
  • Limit this list of goals for the first release, and getting ready to increase it based on the patronage.
  • Each map (3D) is a fragment of a divided world, some can be big as a kingdom.
  • Diferent monster races: Goblinoid, Troll, Zombie, Skeleton, Vampire. Each race will have it's own variants.
  • Platforms will be flying 3D platforms, small cliffs, and another objects.
  • Elemental spells will damage more or less based on the kind of monster, for example, a skeleton won't be damaged by cold.

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