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Hello Patreon!

My name is Blake Davis, also known as Karui Kage or Nethys, depending on where you’re looking. I’ve been involved with the games industry for over a decade now in some form or fashion and have been running the Archives of Nethys since early 2012. My company, Rose-Winds LLC, was created after many years of running the website under my own name in order to make this whole project more official.

Archives of Nethys (Pathfinder 1E)
Archives of Nethys (Pathfinder 2E)
Archives of Nethys (Starfinder)

I’ve always enjoyed making things for the community, and I’ve never been inclined to charge for them. I love it when people create amazing things and share them with the rest of us, and felt like I should return the favor whenever I could. I've historically avoided any form of forced payment, unavoidable ads, and anything else that would inconvenience my users; after running the website for many years on my own dime, however, I decided to listen to those who suggested I set something up for people who would like to give back. This Patreon is here to allow any fan who would wish to support the Archives to do so.

If you enjoy the Archives of Nethys, whether it's for the Pathfinder content or the Starfinder content, then this Patreon is a way to show your appreciation. Contribute however much you want, whether it be $5 a month or $20. Stop or start your support at any point. Even if this Patreon provides less than it costs to fund the website, I will continue to run and expand the Archives to the best of my ability. If you ever feel like that is not enough anymore, then I fully support you stopping any donations.

There are lots of new ideas and tools that my team and I are constantly thinking up and planning for future builds - as a supporter of this Patreon, you have a direct voice to myself when it comes to new content ideas. Never hesitate to suggest something in a comment or email; while I don't always respond right away, the idea is always seen and immediately gets a ticket in our bug database to be addressed.

Patreon is an incredible system in that the amount of support you show me is entirely dependent on you, and it can begin or end at your whim. Thank you for your support, and I hope the Archives continues to serve you and your friends for many years to come.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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